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Cory D

I got this jacket for my little sister who is looking at colleges in colder places so I figured she ought to have something to keep her toasty for her freshman year. She said this jacket is really soft and super comfortable. I got her a medium, which is what she normally wears, and she says it fits perfectly!


Stylish AND warm? Why, yes it is. My daughter has has three of these jackets and loves every one, in fact, I think these are the only items that actually get hung up and are not on her floor when she is finished wearing them. The size is just right. If you wear a small normally, you wear a small in this jacket. Top notch quality too.


My husband gave me this jacket for Christmas in the Greystone blue. The color is a light purple in some lights with mostly bluish tones. I have had soon many compliments on this jacket in the fee weeks that I have been wearing it. It very soft like a teddy bear. Size large fits perfectly. I'm 5'4 and 154 lbs.

Stephanie from Michigan

I LOVE this jacket. I have a black one and a white one and my kids each have two. I'm always cold and this keeps me toasty all the time. I wear it as my jacket when the temp is anywhere from 27 to 75 (in the air conditioning!). I can even wear it on colder days with a vest. The fluffy fabric seems to trap a cozy layer of heat that surrounds you and keeps you at just the right temperature...toasty warm!


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Osito Jacket Marker Blue Osito Jacket Miami Orange Osito Jacket Passion Pink
Osito Jacket Prussian Blue Osito Jacket Sugary Pink Osito Jacket Weimaraner Brown Osito Jacket White

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