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JILL from Detroit Area

I bought one for myself and for my sister last winter, and would advise everyone to hurry and get one before it starts getting chilly this season. First of all, the fabric/softness is ridiculously amazing....so so comfortable. Its also the perfect thickness to keep you warm and snug, but not claustrophobic or constricting. I'm 5'2", 125lb and found medium to be perfect. I still have enough room to wear over a hoody, but fits well worn alone also. so glad I decided to buy this....FYI the bright green color looks uber amazing in person.


Although the jacket is not waterproof, it is great for lounging around on cold days or that early walk with your beloved pet. I myself plan on buying more in other colors I would rather have the osito jacket over any other syle of the north face jacket, its truly like being wrapped in a plush fleece blanket.

Julianne from Chicago/Canada

So I love this jacket. I have had it for 5 years now (in the orange color) and it doesn't look as good as the day I got it but it's pretty darn close! It has kept me warm on multiple occasions and it is my go to fall jacket. Only down side is that it is not waterproof :( and that people will come up and pet you. Literally. I have had to ask friends to stop touching me because I am getting creep-ed out but the worst is when strangers do it. No joke.

Karla from Osceola

I have to thank my friend for letting me borrow her jacket! My husband would disagree as I have now bought two...black goes with everything and pink is just a must for fun. I am going back for my third. Shh! I am hoping it comes when he is at work. Wearing this is like being wrapped up in your favorite jammies...warm, soft, and comfy. Absolutely my favorite jacket ever!


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Osito Jacket Marker Blue Osito Jacket Miami Orange Osito Jacket Passion Pink
Osito Jacket Prussian Blue Osito Jacket Sugary Pink Osito Jacket Weimaraner Brown Osito Jacket White

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